What is Marketing?


Marketing basics and the whole concept can be distilled to the two most important components: knowing your product and knowing your target market.

You must know every aspect of your product or service and you must know this well enough to know what is important about it and what is not. Second, you must know your target markets’ wants, needs and demands from that exact product or service. – The marriage of these two factors is the key to getting people to realize your products meet their needs, wants and demands and thus recognize the necessity to buy.

Marketing planning process is not just about selling goods. People won’t buy a treadmill, go to a barber shop or join a dating website because these are being advertised. Potential customers will not do this until these products or services merge into people’s minds matching their own ideas, personalities, styles, desires, needs, demands, traditions – whatever it is that they want, believe and accept.
To succeed one has to be able to consider these things and offer people what they need and are ready to pay for by presenting what you sell in such a way so that your potential buyers will demand it.