Why should I blog?


Having an effective business blog is a must for every local small business. Even though your business is a brick and mortar, locally based, business and you don’t even have a main business website, you do need a business blog. There are also ways to cleverly incorporate a main website with your blog for a very economical presence on the web.

Blogging has become a major way to drive new traffic through your doors and into your business, or to get your customers to contact you about a service. This is because people connect personally to you through your blog, even if it is a business blog.

Through writing blog posts, posting pictures and videos, your readers, subscribers and customers get to know a bit about the person or people behind the business. As long as you’re posting quality, trustworthy content your readers will come to trust you. Therefore, they feel confident in contacting you and they begin to purchase your products or retain services that you offer.

Your business blog should reveal a little about the person behind the business, but it should never be too personal. Having an “About” page on your blog is a good place to display a little about your personal life, but not too much. Keep it professional, but let your audience know who you are as a business person. The “About” page is also a great place to display your qualifications, merits and credentials for your business.

Once your business blog is up and running, you will then use it to connect with people on the Internet through stories, talking about promotions or sales, and letting the public know your business exists. Having a business blog is the most important marketing tool your business should have. If you don’t have a business blog yet, and don’t even know where to begin, we can develop one for you. We can even maintain and manage it for you if you feel you don’t have the time or inclination. But, by doing whatever it takes to get a business blog started now, soon you will see an increase in your business traffic and more traffic means more sales.

If you have a business, any business, you owe it to yourself and your clients to have a business blog.